Annual Conference

The next Annual Conference is scheduled to take place on June 17-21, 2015

Secretary of the Annual Conference: Rev. Nancy Cushman

While Annual Conference 2015 may seem a long time from now, we will be hitting our first deadline on December 1, 2014.

Our Conference Rules state that if individual United Methodists, Conference members, or churches wish to amend the Rules, then all rule change proposals are to be sent to the Conference Secretary by December 1, 2014. (For details see page 109: II. D. 3b. Rule Changes in the 2014 Journal Volume 2.) The Conference Secretary will then forward all the proposed rule changes to the Conference board, commission or agency directly affected by the proposed rule change for their consideration.

Any local church or United Methodist lay person who is an active member of a local church within the DSC may petition the Annual Conference by sending a signed petition to the Conference Secretary stating the local church in which the signer is a member. Three copies of the petition must be sent to the Conference Secretary on or before January 15, 2015. (For details see p. 109: II.D.1. Petitions in the 2014 Journal Volume 2.)


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