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On October 2, 2015 Bishop Bob issued a letter to the Conference requesting church leaders to be in covenant with him and lead a Bible study called, "Kingdom Dreams, Violent Realities" from GBCS, on gun violence at their church.

The following links are resources you can use to enrich your bible study discussion. Please contact Christina Dillabough at if you would like to add to this list or would like to share an anonymous story about an experience with gun violence.

Gun laws in the Desert Southwest Conference:




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Video discussions, articles, opinion pieces, and other resources:

Personal Experiences

Guns in the wrong hands

My son (he was in elementary school) and I were staying at my mom and stepfather's house. At around 2:00 am in the morning the dog was growling (he was a watch dog). I asked my mom in the other room why the dog was growling like that and all of the sudden a man broke into my mom and stepfather's room. He told them to get the dog under control or he would shoot the dog. He kept threatening to kill them because they did not have much money to give him. He yanked the phone cord out of the wall. He demanded money and he had my stepfather take my father's guns out of the cabinet (my dad had died years earlier; he was a deputy sheriff of Maricopa County). I did not have anything in my room to protect us with (I was praying for all of us including my son who was in the room with me we had to share a room while staying there). The man made my stepfather climb over the wall and he hit my stepfather over the back of the head three times. He would have killed all of us. People say that guns are bad but when you have criminals that are killing people with guns (they are able to get them easily off of the streets) and innocent families are being killed that don't have a gun to protect their families. Let us not just look at one side of the picture.
God bless