Board of Evangelism

The Conference Board of Evangelism is committed to equipping each follower and community of Christ within the Desert Southwest Annual Conference with the tools they need to know, share, and live their story of Christ's good news in their lives.

Is God silenced on college campuses? Or is the conversation simply changing? By Tom Krattenmaker

College students today are open to conversations about Christianity, and less receptive to hostile intolerance of other faith practices..."What struck me," Merchant said later, "was their openness to this conversation." Students open to a conversation about Christianity, even on a campus with an ultrasecular reputation? Such is the state of affairs at the nation's colleges and universities, where religion is experiencing something of a renaissance, although not necessarily in the shapes and forms older generations are used to seeing."

For more read Tom Krattenmaker's article found at the USA Today click here.

Chairperson: Rev. Brian Kemp-Schlemmer
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