Board of Lay Ministry

Chairperson: Laurie Lineberry
Staff Person: Rev. Anthony Tang, Director of Connectional Ministries

The purpose of our Desert Southwest Conference Board of Lay Ministry is to foster an awareness of the role of laity in the United Methodist connection.  Our focus is on helping to develop leaders who will create vital congregations led by teams of dedicated lay and clergy partners.  Among our responsibilities are:

  • Lift up the ministry of the laity across the Conference, including the theological basis for our ministry.
  • Develop and promote stewardship of our time, talent and resources.
  • Provide training for Lay Members of the Annual Conference.
  • Provide support and direction for the ministry of the laity across our Conference.
  • Promote the observance of Laity Sunday, scheduled each year for the third Sunday of October.
  • Provide organization, direction and support for the development of leaders within our congregations and lay organizations.
  • Stay in touch with local leaders among the laity, with information, encouragement, training and support.

To be effective in its purpose, the Board of Lay Ministry relates to Lay Servant Ministries, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Youth, and United Methodist Young Adult Ministries, plus our Conference Scouting Program. 

The Board of Lay Ministry receives its focus through our commitment to the Conference Strategic Direction.

To strengthen the relationships among all Lay Leaders of the Conference, by improving the quality and frequency of contact among Lay Leaders and through the Bishop's Days on the District and similar series.  The BOLM will focus our efforts on the Conference Strategic Direction by providing training and support to Lay Leaders across our Conference, assisting them to lead revitalization and leadership development work in their respective congregations.

To provide education and support for Lay Leaders and organizational leaders to continue on the path of spiritually based servant leadership, especially considering the implications of the Call to Action report and our Strategic Direction.

To lift up and support leadership development opportunities available across the UMC.  Vital congregations have formal leadership training for current and emerging leaders.  Your Board of Lay Ministry has developed a model for growing leaders in our congregations, providing a menu of proven training and educational tools to help congregations looking for ways to help leaders to acquire or enhance their skills.  For any congregation interested in undertaking formal leadership development, check out our helpful listing of proven classes and other resources.  Click here to see our recommended resource guide.  The Board of Lay Ministry is ready to help your congregation in planning for a leadership development process.  Contact your District Lay Leader or the Conference Lay Leader for assistance.

To actively support the continued success and continuing progress of Young Adult Ministries and Scouting Ministries throughout the Conference.

The Board of Lay Ministry is chaired by the Conference Lay Leader, supported by our District Lay Leaders and leaders of key Conference lay organizations.  We are privileged to have our Bishop and the Director of Connectional Ministries on our team.

    • Laurie Lineberry, Conference Lay Leader
    • Phyllis Murray, North District Lay Leader
    • Maritza Cota Velazquez, South District Lay Leader
    • Paul Browning, Central East District Lay Leader
    • Keith Roberts, Central West District Lay Leader  
    • Sheryl McKinney, Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries
    • (TBD), President-United Methodist Men
    • Alice Brown, President-United Methodist Women
    • (TBD), Conference Scouting Coordinator
    • (TBD), United Methodist Young Adults