Christian Unity/Interreligious Relationships

CUIR engages with and talks to other Christian denominational churches to work toward unity and peace. This commission helps interpret The United Methodist Church’s role as it encounters “other living faith communities, cultures and ideologies.”

What is CUIR’s role in the church?

  • Facilitate ecumenical education.
  • Facilitate interreligious education
  • Encourage and facilitate
    • Participation in ecumenical activities like Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, worship in the park, and common community programs, outreach to the poor, help for the elderly, etc.
    • Dialogue and cooperation with other denominations in their neighborhoods to open channels of understanding and mutual respect.
    • Exploration of our relations with persons of other faith traditions.
    • Recognition of our common humanity through community building in cooperation with other faith traditions

CUIR works to grow up leadership in declaring the visible unity of the human community and the renewal of God’s creation. It leads the church in seeking to live into God’s vision of the unity of creation through its advocacy on behalf of the church universal and in its work with other faith communities through our faith community.

Here are a few links from the DSC CUIR:

Chairperson: Kathy Schock
Staff Person Assigned: Billie Fidlin