Lay Missionary Planting Network (LMPN)

The Lay Missionary Planting Network Curriculum (LMPN) consists of ten modules with specific purposes that encourage participants to consider how they are called to help plant new United Methodist congregations. The curriculum is based on scripture, basic theology and practice of The United Methodist Church, research and best practices in church planting, and the experience of other United Methodist churches.

Highlights include these topics and tools:

  • spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship and study in the Wesleyan tradition
  • reading & evangelizing the mission field
  • preaching & teaching
  • pastoral responsibilities in the United Methodist system
  • discipling & mentoring leaders
  • growing & multiplying ministries
  • Christian stewardship
  • creating ministry action plan

The ultimate goal of the curriculum is to equip lay persons with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be United Methodist church planters. We approach the curriculum development with the conviction that all persons, whether clergy or laity, have been called by God for specific ministries, for which we want to prepare them. Some participants will be appointed to plant churches, while others will answer God’s call to serve with the planters on launch teams. The curriculum allows for moments of reflection and opportunities to ponder the planter assessment and discernment process. This includes a network training experience to help clarify the learner’s sense of call and solidify the person’s commitment to church planting.