Strategic Direction

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The Desert Southwest Conference will empower leaders who create vital congregations. We will accomplish this through the priorities contained in our Strategic Direction.

    • Developing an ongoing culture of leadership development. Leadership development helps individuals learn about themselves while growing in their personal skills and abilities. It empowers leaders to create and adapt to new circumstances and opportunities that will build vitality in their congregation. Leadership development identifies and forms new leaders capable of visioning and inspiring social and scriptural holiness that make disciples for Jesus Christ.
    • Developing an ongoing culture of starting new communities of faith. New faith communities emerge from engaging new people in new missions, new worship times or locations, new fellowship, or study groups where they can find a relationship with Christ. These new opportunities create avenues for lives to be touched and transformed by God’s grace.
    • Developing an ongoing culture of transformational worship.Transformational worship glorifies God. As God meets us, we find our voice and lives are transformed as our faith grows. Worship sends us to change the world by doing God’s work of service and justice.

The three priorities of the Conference Strategic Direction and questions in the brochure are designed to help through the journey of creating a vital church culture. This document is intendended for leaders in the church, the district, and the Conference. To download a printable version of the Strategic Direction brochure click on the image above of the language version you would like.