UM Federal Credit Union

UMFCU logoThe UMFCU was formed in 1948 to serve ministers of the Methodist Churches in Southern California and Arizona. Since then, membership has been expanded to include churches, clergy, staff, lay members and congregations and their family members, in the California-Pacific Conference, Desert Southwest Conference, California-Nevada Conference, Pacific-Northwest Conference, Oregon-Idaho Conference, Rocky Mountain Conference, Yellowstone Conference, and the Alaska Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church. Anyone related to a United Methodist FCU member by blood, marriage or adoption is also eligible for membership.

To join, manage your account, or for further details, please visit the UMFCU website at:

United Methodist FCU
1550 E. Meadowbrook Ave., Suite B, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: (602) 277-5325   (800) 245-0433   FAX: (602) 277-5340