Webinars on Wednesdays

Photo by Barry Doyle

Goal: Create a training library so that leaders can be inspired, learn, and reference leadership development videos when it is convenient for their schedule.

Begining May 6, some sessions will include time for call-in, text-in, or studio audience questions, but every session will be one hour or less.

Training titles will become active links on the date they are scheduled

March 4 - Safe Sanctuaries Aug 5 - Facebook & Twitter Task Management
April 1- PIXLR Express (Free Photo Editing Software) Sept 2 - Managing Church Records, part 2
May 6 - Managing Church Records, part 1 Oct 7 - Best Apps for Ministry Photos
June 3 - Rethinking the Newsletter Nov 4 - Writing a press release

July 1 - Easy & Low Cost Website & Hosting Options

Dec 2 - Electronic Gadget Recommendations

Session topics may change. If you are interested in leading a webinar, please contact communications@dscumc.org.